JR: Tehachapi

World renowned artist JR created a large-scale mural of 48 currently and formerly incarcerated individuals that was pasted inside the walls of the California Correctional Institution (CCI). The REPRESENT JUSTICE Campaign, in partnership with One Community, organized the installation—working with JR, CCI Warden W.J. Sullivan, and the Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC). A drone captured an image of the installation following the pasting of 338 strips in October 2019 to create the mural, located in the facility’s yard. In addition to currently and formerly incarcerated individuals, JR’s latest project also features the family members of those incarcerated, CCI’s correctional officers, and survivors of crime.

The image, along with interviews with the installation’s participants, can also be experienced on JR: murals, an iPhone and Android application that is available for download.