Frequently Asked Questions

Who does the Fund support?
Criminal justice reform is a broad movement, the Represent Justice Fund allows us to directly support organizations that are working in different, equally crucial corners of the reform movement through one vehicle. We’ve found this to be the most comprehensive approach and donors can be certain their contributions will be directly distributed across organizations that share the same end goal of creating a fair legal system.

How much of the money raised goes to each organization?
All donations to the Represent Justice Fund will go directly to the organizations it supports, less any applicable merchant and bank fees. None of the Fund goes towards other campaign programming or administrative expenses.

Who are the system-impacted individuals you are talking about?
Many of the organizations are founded by system-impacted folks. This is significant because we are empowering people with direct experience with the criminal justice system to lead the way. It is important for us to do this because in giving space to system-impacted folks to lead and share their stories, we underscore our mission of extending dignity to formerly and currently incarcerated people.

The system-impacted advocates who we work with have all different types of experiences with the criminal justice system. Some were incarcerated as youth, sentenced to life without parole and had their sentences commuted. Others were exonerated after being wrongfully convicted. Others can speak to the specific challenges of being a woman in the criminal justice system, where something as basic as obtaining menstrual products becomes a significant hurdle.

Why are donations to the Fund the best way to support criminal justice reform?
The needs of these organizations are always going to outpace the capacity they have to provide them. Changing sentiment is important, but in order to make sure these groups are able to continue to do their work, they need financial support.

Why should I give to REPRESENT JUSTICE and not to each organization directly?
Because the criminal justice reform movement is so broad, we recognize that folks looking to get involved and support the work might not know where to start. Or, they might feel compelled to choose between supporting one type of work over another.

Donating to the Represent Justice Fund is a convenient, one-stop shop to support these disparate, but equally critical avenues of criminal justice reform. Donors won’t have to pick between an organization that provides low-income people with legal representation and one that advocates for the rights of system-impacted women — the fastest growing segment of incarcerated people in the U.S. The Fund provides an assurance for donors that each contribution will be maximized.

How are the organizations for the fund selected?
Organizations that receive money from the Represent Justice Fund serve system-impacted communities or advocate for a fair legal system. These public charities will be selected in partnership with our REPRESENT JUSTICE Surrogates, who are system-impacted and formerly incarcerated individuals that are advocates or leaders of organizations they selected.

How are you soliciting donations?
Through a combination of email fundraising, direct donate advertising, merchandising sold via our online store, business partnerships, and individual philanthropists.