Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Fund support?
The fund will go towards supporting the following efforts:

  • Organizations providing re-entry services, housing and immediate basic needs (like food, transportation, diapers, medical expenses) for recently released people, and system-impacted people and their families.
  • Organizations including bail funds involved in advancing decarceration efforts as a direct response to the danger posed by COVID-19.
  • Operational changes and new technology needs for staff of organizations and the folks they support in light of widespread social distancing measures. 
  • Providing supplies and resources specific to COVID-19 to prison facilities.
  • Providing cloth protective masks to prisons for staff and residents across the country.

How much of the money raised goes to these efforts?
All donations to Represent Justice will go towards the Emergency COVID-19 Relief Fund and be matched up to $50,000. 100% of funds raised through the fund go to the relief efforts above, either directly to criminal justice reform organizations that are involved in responding to COVID-19, or directly towards materials for prison facilities to help protect vulnerable incarcerated communities. 

What is the difference between the REPRESENT JUSTICE Fund and the REPRESENT JUSTICE Relief Fund?
The REPRESENT JUSTICE Emergency Covid-19 Relief Fund was created in April 2020 to help criminal justice organizations and response efforts related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Right now, all of the Represent Justice fundraising efforts are going towards the Relief Fund. Previously, all fundraising efforts had been for the REPRESENT JUSTICE Fund, which was also supporting organizations focused on criminal justice reform, but without the emphasis on supporting efforts specifically related to Covid-19.

Why are donations to the Fund the best way to support Covid-19 Relief Efforts?
The needs of these organizations are always going to outpace the capacity they have to provide them, especially during a global pandemic. Changing sentiment is important, but in order to make sure these groups are able to continue to do their work, they need financial support.

Why should I give to REPRESENT JUSTICE and not to each organization directly?
The needs of the system impacted community are so broad and so urgent during Covid-19, and we recognize that folks looking to get involved and support the work might not know where to start. Or, they might feel compelled to choose between supporting one type of work over another. Donations will go towards the work of organizations protecting the health and safety of vulnerable currently and formerly incarcerated communities during the COVID19 pandemic and providing protective equipment for prisons, jails and detention centers. All donations to the Represent Justice Fund will go directly to the organizations it supports, less any applicable merchant and bank fees. None of the Fund goes towards other campaign programming or administrative expenses. 

Donating to the Represent Justice COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund is a convenient, one-stop shop to support these disparate, but equally critical efforts. Donors won’t have to pick between an organization that provides housing needs to those recently released and one that advocates for decarceration efforts. The Fund helps donors to ensure  that each contribution will be spread across a broad cross-section of relief efforts.. 

How are the organizations for the fund selected?
These public organizations were selected in partnership with our REPRESENT JUSTICE Surrogates, Ambassadors and Partners, who are system-impacted and formerly incarcerated individuals that nominated each organization.  

How are you soliciting donations?
Through a combination of email fundraising, direct donate advertising, merchandising sold via our online store, business partnerships, and individual philanthropists.