Little April


Film Synopsis

Like Represent Justice Ambassador April Grayson, 90% of youth who come to be involved in the justice system have had prior traumatic experiences.

April’s life virtually began in the foster care system. She spent her formative years in households and spaces where she was abused and mistreated by those entrusted with her safety and wellbeing. By 19, April was arrested and sentenced to 20 years and 8 months in prison, serving 17 of those years. Weaving together documentary and fiction elements, the film illuminates a cinematic and ultimately magical path to transforming our youth justice system.

The short film is co-produced by Represent Justice and April Grayson. The film stars Andre Royo (“The Wire”) and James Eckhouse (“Beverly Hills, 90210”), introduces Zakaiya Purnell, and is directed by Ben Lear, who also directed the 2016 documentary THEY CALL US MONSTERS about the youth justice system in California.


Dec 15, 2022

Presented by Fostering Media Connections

Sep 8, 2022

Little April Premiere

Los Angeles, CA

Presented by Represent Justice



Directed by Ben Lear
Produced by Laura Choi
Co-Produced by April Grayson, Gretel Truong for Represent Justice
In Association with Thai Lunch Special