Two Wolves

Film Synopsis

Prison is dark and hopelessness is darker. But the path forward starts with self-empowerment and there are many examples before and around us of how to reach our potential and achieve liberation.

Written by Shannon Ross
Directed by Shannon Ross & Kaleigh Atkinson
Shot & Edited by Kaleigh Atkinson
Actor in Cell: Todd Jones
Chorus: Roy Rogers
Audio: Tom Crawford

Story of Two Wolves: A Cherokee Parable
Lawyer: Jarrett Adams
Executive: Tracey Syphax
Owner: Topeka K. Sam
Politician: Keturah Herron
Professor: Jason Sole
Scientist: Stanley Andrisse
Engineer: Raymond Haug
Chef: Jeff Henderson
Doctor: Sheryl Recinos
Manager: Eli Rivera
Writer: Portia Louder
Experts in Tech: Jessica Hicklin
Artist: Anthony Morton
Evaluator: Nathan Stephens

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