Tabatha Trammell

Tabatha Trammell is a formerly incarcerated criminal justice reform advocate and nonprofit founder of Woman With a Plan, a Georgia organization that empowers other women who are directly impacted by the Georgia criminal legal system with mentorship, grocery assistance, clothing for interviews and recovery mentorship. She is the mother of 5, two of which were minors in her care at the time of her incarceration, who had to go into the foster care system. Tabatha experienced great challenges to regaining custody of her children once released, including obstacles placed in her way by the criminal legal and foster care system to make her goals unattainable but because Tabatha is indeed “a woman with a plan”, she advocated on her own behalf and eventually regained custody of her children, freeing them from the system. She dedicates a large portion of her advocacy to helping other mothers overcome the same challenges that she experienced with regaining custody post incarceration.