Jessie Mabrey

Jessie D. Mabrey is dedicated to supporting women and children through trauma. Jessie has over 15 years experience supporting justice impacted women (hospice, addiction, domestic violence, mental health challenges, etc). Her passion to help other women was sparked by the desire to help herself overcome in spite of!  She advocates for Reentry and Housing needs of the Justice Impacted.  Her motto is” Where you’ve been is not Who you are”

Jessie is a solution seeker who is driven and determined to make a difference for women reentering society by advocating for attainable and affordable housing without bias from landlords, contributing to the creation of programming for justice impacted men and women, and implementing/facilitating programs for them also.

She is a member of National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI), Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network (GMHCN), National Incarceration Association (NIA), and Family Unification Network. Jessie is a Certified Peer Specialist, Certified Forensic Peer Mentor and Certified Stephen Minister. Her advocacy work and volunteerisim is focused on Family mental health and support for the justice and system impacted..