Support the Sansón Andrade Legal Defense Fund

Represent Justice is proud to partner with Sansón Noe Andrade on an impact campaign for the award-winning film about his life, Sansón and Me.

Sansón was sentenced at the age of 19, and has already spent more than a decade in prison. He’s lost family and opportunities, all while navigating the harsh realities of the justice system.

We are sharing Sansón’s story because we need your help to ensure Sansón has access to legal defense as he seeks sentencing relief.

Sansón is serving two life sentences, one without parole, for a crime he did not commit, due to California’s gang enhancement laws. The extreme sentencing of young people is inhumane and data shows gang enhancement laws disproportionately impact BIPOC youth.

All gifts to the Sansón Andrade Legal Defense Fund will help ensure Sansón has access to legal defense for his case.

So, if you can, please make your first donation right now and join the team fighting for Sansón’s freedom. 



What is the Sansón Andrade Legal Defense Fund?

What is the Purpose of the Sansón Andrade Legal Defense Fund?

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Where can I get more information regarding the extreme sentencing of youth?

Represent Justice supports and advocates for laws, policies, and practices that treat children as children; respect their humanity and dignity; and recognize their great capacity for change. Please visit the Policy Research & Advocacy section of the Represent Justice website and follow Represent Justice (@WeRepJustice) on all social media platforms.

How can I support the Sansón Andrade Legal Defense Fund?

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Represent Justice is operated by Forward Impact, a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit public benefit corporation. Contributions or gifts to Forward Impact are deductible for federal income tax purposes as charitable contributions to the extent allowable by law. If you would like to send a donation by check, please mail to: Represent Justice, 777 S Alameda St 2nd Floor Los Angeles, CA 90021. EIN: 83-1501685