A special collaboration led by Trap Heals, the PROXIMITY art installation will be activated alongside the nationwide theatrical release of Warner Bros.’ film, JUST MERCY, in Los Angeles between January 17-26th, 2020. Join us at 3710 W. Martin Luther King Blvd. directly across from Cinemark Baldwin Hills.
PROXIMITY will feature programming with leading local DJs and musicians. We will welcome healers practicing yoga, acupuncture, and reiki as well as local spiritual leaders leading prayer circles and conversations about faith. Play for Justice will return to Los Angeles to bring WNBA and NBA stars into the conversation. PROXIMITY will welcome conversations with DAs and elected officials and hear from system-impacted individuals with stories narrated through lyrical dance.
Designed to amplify the work of dozens of criminal justice organizations in Los Angeles and increase public engagement around policy reforms, it is part of a broader campaign strategy to shift public opinion on incarcerated individuals. The installation is intentionally located in South Los Angeles based on the neighborhood’s history and legacy as a cultural center for Black Los Angeles, and as a community impacted by mass incarceration. The installation, and its proximity to the Cinemark, will help activate local businesses and build momentum for the themes raised in the JUST MERCY film and the REPRESENT JUSTICE campaign. Most importantly, it is a space of healing in an urban environment where art, music, culture and sustainability converge.