With a few hours to spare, Julius Jones’ sentence is commuted

Today, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt decided to commute Julius Jones’ sentence to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

We’re grateful for the decision to spare Julius’ life. While it will not bring him back home to his family right away, it is an important first step in averting a grave injustice. I am especially grateful for the incredible hard work and leadership of #JusticeforJulius campaign director Rev. Cece Jones-Davis, through whom the road to freedom for Julius was made possible today.

We want to thank all of you—the countless supporters, organizers, volunteers, and coalition members who showed up so selflessly on behalf of the #JusticeforJulius team. You helped to uplift the indisputable facts of an unjust trial, compelling evidence of Julius’ innocence, and the State’s proven inability to carry out this cruel sentence in a humane way. It’s because of people like you that Julius will not be executed.

Today, my heart is relieved for Julius, for his family and all of Julius’ loved ones, who fought every moment, even as the silence was deafening. Words can’t describe the excruciating pain that they have been through with this process—or their incredible strength and bravery. They will continue to need support and healing.

I want to also acknowledge the over 60% of Oklahomans who did not want to see Julius die today, and the millions across the country who are demanding a courageous end to this broken system. I pray for the soul of anyone who still thinks taking a life can bring justice.

The road for Julius is not over. Please surround the Jones family with your heart and prayers and continue following Justice for Julius on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for updates and opportunities to support.

And know that we love you, Julius Darius Jones.  

Thank you so much for being with us every step of the way.

Daniel Forkkio
Represent Justice