Your Words Have Touched Me

Greetings to all of you that support our work here at Represent Justice! I hope you and your loved ones are doing well! 

As I’m here in my cell preparing for a beautiful future, I want to share my gratitude for all the people that read my letters, took action by sending me a postcard, and asked to host a screening of Sansón and Me.

I am getting your postcards, some of which have made me cry!!! Thank you for showing up, and for your encouraging words!!! The hope, the love, the positivity, the blessings, and the well wishes are all received. You let me know that I am seen and understood. 

I am also moved that my story has touched so many lives and that the world is watching. I received many great postcards with beautiful words of comfort, but one postcard stood out. A mother wrote to me and told me that her son is doing 16 years without the possibility of parole for a wrongful conviction. Their story inspires me to continue doing the work. I see you; I understand and I also live with your pain. 

To other individuals who currently have incarcerated family members: know that better things are coming.   

I appreciate all of your care and solidarity. My soul is genuinely refreshed because I know you are reading and hearing my story. Your support and words of comfort have strengthened and humbled me, and called me to continue this work.

THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love & respect strongly,

Sansón Noe Andrade