CEO Daniel Forkkio named a 2024 Elevate Prize winner

We’re humbled and honored that our CEO, Daniel Forkkio was selected as a 2024 Elevate Prize Winner! He was chosen alongside nine other nonprofit leaders from across the globe for leading some of the most impactful missions to change our world for the better.

From reimagining justice, protecting the environment and championing mental health, to improving nutrition, caring for pets, and inspiring the changemakers of the future — we’re excited to be recognized for making a lasting impact on people’s lives and bringing a creative and innovative approach to social justice.

Represent Justice started with the belief that those closest to the problem are closest to the solution, and that better storytelling could bring new energy to organize and take collective action to transform the criminal legal system. With a new array of skills through film, and an increased sense of healing, confidence and belonging, we are helping people step further into their power to change communities across the country. What started as an initial idea has become a vibrant, growing ecosystem bringing stories to new audiences for new actions.  

Awarded annually, the Prize recognizes ten best-in-class social impact leaders driving change around the world. It’s designed to maximize their impact, champion their organizations, and to #MakeGoodFamous – to shift the culture and help create a world where more people are inspired to take action. 

Along with participation in a year-long development and community building program, The Elevate Prize Foundation also provides funding, greater visibility, and tailored resources to help expand and amplify our work.

As we build out a Speakers Bureau, prepare for our next cohort of 2024 Ambassadors, and launch our very first Open Call film project, this is an opportunity for new audiences to discover our work and engage with the complex issues of the justice system through the firsthand stories of the people we serve.

It’s not often that we get to celebrate ourselves but please join us in congratulating Daniel! The future is bright at Represent Justice, and we’re grateful for your support as we fight to deepen our impact and change the justice system.