Meet the 2022 Represent Justice Ambassadors Cohort

Stories and narratives play a critical role in shaping the public’s perception of the criminal legal system — and the belief that change is possible. 

For this reason, Represent Justice is committed to growing the narrative power of system-impacted leaders. When storytellers have direct experience of the communities they are telling stories about they build their own power, and can catalyze public support for broader systemic change. 

To this end, we’re thrilled to announce our newest cohort of Represent Justice Ambassadors. They are seven inspiring leaders who are shifting the narrative around mass incarceration and collectively paving the way to a transformed criminal legal system.

Each of these Ambassadors were selected because they’ve proven themselves to be powerful agents of change, dedicated to harnessing the power of storytelling in their work. Collectively, they’ve served nearly 100 years in our country’s prison system, and they show up for their communities in so many different ways — by aiding others in their reentry journey, housing recently released folks, advocating for local change, and building strength through community storytelling. 

As part of the Represent Justice Program, each Ambassador will receive specialized opportunities and experiences that build narrative power. They’ll participate in trainings like digital storytelling, producing, and owning their stories. Additionally, Ambassadors will create their own content, participate in film and advocacy campaigns and other partnership opportunities.

And as we welcome our new cohort, we celebrate our 2019-2021 cohort, who graduated from the Program after two years. During this time they collectively participated in hundreds of speaking engagements, media opportunities, and programs. You can hear from them, in their own words, here.

Meet our 2022 cohort of Ambassadors below — click on their names to read their full bios.

And be sure to stay tuned to see the amazing work they’ll produce over the next year.

New Orleans, LA
Executive Director, Parole Project

Chicago, IL
Project Associate, Restore Justice

Los Angeles, CA
Manager of Advocacy and Community Organizing, Anti-Recidivism Coalition

Atlanta, GA
Communications Associate, Southern Center for Human Rights

Milwaukee, WI
Executive Director, The Community

Columbus, OH
Artist, speaker, playwright

Atlanta, GA
Founder, NewLife Second Chance Outreach, Inc.