Jerry F.


I'm in here for 15 to life. That's what I'm in here for. I've been down 20 years already. And it's been a different experience for me, for being away from my family and all. And I'm learning to just to be a better person now and to be a, yeah, be a better person and learn from that. And being in here for the last three years, it's an eyeopener here because the program can be better here, but just not right now, just figuring it out, what to do and all. And it's hard. We're all human beings and all that. And speaking to different people here and there is just... It's a good experience, doing positive things than doing negative. That's all I got right now...any questions?

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Interviewer: Just whatever you want to talk about, Jerry.

Jerry: That’s enough for me. I’m in here for murder, and it shouldn’t have happened at that time. I was immature and a knucklehead when I did my crime. It wasn’t right to do. And it’s been real hard for me to, I don’t know, just try to grow up or something, something like that. And just it’s been rough. I’m hanging in there. But today… It was a good day overall for me.

Interviewer: What did you like about today?

Jerry: The pictures. That was neat. How he took the pictures and all, that was neat. It’s very fascinating too. That’s the kind of stuff I’d like to do, right there, when I get out. To learn how to take the pictures and doing the little computer thing with it, I’d like to learn that. Still do. And that’s one of the things I like to learn to do, I want to do. I want to do when I get out. There’s still hope for me. Just have to look positive, and I know it’s tough, but I’ll get there.