Felix M.


My name is Felix Miranda. I'm formerly incarcerated. I did about 12 years. I was locked up when I was a kid. I grew up from a broken home and my grandma raised me. She raised me out to be a stand-up dude, you know? And, the last time I saw my grandma was behind glass, shackled from head to toe. She ended up passing away. I came home, 2016, some dude enrolled me in school and took me on the bus and the metro because I didn't know how to take none of that stuff, you know, I was like lost. I was so grateful and he was just like, man, just pass it along. Just pass it along. I didn't understand why this guy was being so cool, you know? Like, why is this guy helping me? He went to school, graduated, working in the film industry.

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Funny enough, I was acting. I acted a little bit, but yeah, life is good man. Now, every time somebody comes home, I try to do the same and just show them what I didn’t know when I got out. And, I take them to school, I enrolled them and show them, I give them like a cheat sheet, kind of like how I did things, and how I graduated, and how I’m doing, and how I’m living now. I let them know, you could do that too. It’s possible. You get what you put in. I guess I can’t be with everybody else that comes home because of that feeling of being lost and wanting to do good, but not knowing how to do good, or how to go about things. So, it’s been a struggle, and to this day still taking shots and stuff. Intended to fall forward rather than falling backward now. Yeah, I don’t know what else to say.

I don’t like talking about myself so much. At times it’s a little harder to realize that you’re drowning in a cup of water, you know? Like, sometimes you feel a drowning feeling or some type from traumatic experiences that we’ve had or whatever, you know? And then we feel like suffocating at times. And sometimes it just takes you to just step out and just look inside, and sometimes it’s just a cup of water. You’re begging for floaties, you’re begging for lifelines and stuff like that, and it’s just a cup of water. But you don’t realize it because you’re so caught up on your stuff. You’re so enslaved in your mind frame, you know? And sometimes it takes for somebody who has stepped out of themselves and looked inside and tells the next man like, “Hey bro, it’s a cup of water, you good? You’re going to be okay. You’ll be alright.” Sometimes that’s all we need, man.