Esteban T.


I'm 30 years old, you know, I'm at a point where I'm excited to go home. I go to the board - to the parole board in 2022, so I look forward to that. And now I just- you know, I'm in college and... and I want to stay here! And it might sound crazy, but I want to. You know, like I'm in a lot of good programs now and just my frame of thinking is completely different. Just over the years, you see, you know, I see my cousin having kids, my sisters are having kids. And some of them, I've never even got to see. Even though I'm not physically there, you know, I feel like it's just a reminder- life continues to go on.  I really got to get my stuff together.

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And so, you know, I started maturing over the years. Now I’m just excited to go home, you know, I’m excited for, you know, what the future has to offer. I keep in touch with friends and family now and I’m just excited that you know that I’ve left all that behind and there’s a lot more to come… and just enjoy life out there, you know just be at peace, you know. Yeah, be at peace, be surrounded by people I, you know- people I care and love and-  and you know be somebody that my family can be proud of. Just be successful in my own- in my own ways, you know. You know, I hope to one day, you know, start my own business- yeah, just live life and just that’s it, you know. Live life and know that I’m not a part of nothing, no gangs, nothing like that. And I’m just excited about that. Just a new- it’s just me. Just Danny. There’s no AKA. There’s no moniker. There’s no so-and-so from this neighborhood. It’s just Danny. That’s it. You know, I just look forward to that and make some good memories with my family. I’m a hard worker. I’m a man of my word. I love my family. I love my family a lot. And I just want to do good do it by people, you know, and you know, I have dreams like everybody else. I have dreams. I have ambitions.  I’m not trying to hurt anybody. I’m just looking forward to the second,  just a new chance at life, you know, and whether I got, you know, an excessive amount of time or not, you know, this is where I am now and I’ve made it through. I’m still alive, you know, I’m grateful and I’m fortunate you know, and I’m excited. I’m just looking forward- it just feels it’s so close. It’s only a few years away from where I can possibly get out. And if not, you know, at most another four-five years. And to me, it, I already have 11 years in. It feels right around the corner, you know, and yeah, I’m just looking forward to that.