D. Johnson


Well, my name is Sergeant D Johnson. I've been in Tehachapi be State Prison, I've been here for going on 10 years. So… (radio voice)... Sorry, radio.  I've actually always wanted to have a career in law enforcement. But as a wild youth I took my eye off that ball and then did all the crazy stuff that I wanted to do. Now later in life, I came back, this is my second career. 

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I work third watch, Administrative Segregation we call it Ad-Seg, so basically Ad-Seg is where an inmate may have an issue out on the yard or they commit another crime and we segregate them away pending their, adjudication or their investigation, until they get whatever is cleared up, and they get released back into the yard.

So I  have been running at for three and a half years. It’s always a learning experience because you’re always dealing with people. Each person is different, each person’s unique. They have a different background, background story, everything that leads them to a place like this. I mean everybody’s story is completely different so you can learn something from everybody here.

On a typical day, you’ll come into the yard. You’re not exactly sure what you’re going to see or what you’re going to get in terms of the activities of the people out on the yard, but at the same time it’s kind of that anticipation, a little bit of excitement, a little bit because it’s never the same day. That being said also, we try and provide them an opportunity to actually learn from us.

We try and keep to our schedules, we are ridiculously on our schedules. They always said when I was at the Academy you lead by example, so we always try and set a good example. So that way, at least they can look back and say “Hey, you know, they always did it at this time. So maybe it’s a good idea to do it at that time.” Just give people opportunities.