Michelle Cirocco

Represent Justice Ambassador and Chief Social Responsibility Officer for Televerde

Michelle Cirocco, served a seven-year prison sentence at the Women’s Correctional Facility in Arizona. Her life was changed thanks to a business model built on empathy, education and career opportunity, which empowered her to adopt marketable business skills and begin her climb up the career ladder.

In her role today as Chief Social Responsibility Officer for Televerde, Michelle travels the world to speak with business leaders, politicians/legislators, key influencers, et al about the power of second chances. She’s been fully committed to working with incarcerated women for more than 20 years.  As someone who has re-invented her own life, the role of criminal justice reform advocate came about organically for Michelle. Today, she partners with for-profit companies and non-profit organizations to raise awareness around the talent and potential that exists inside our prisons and to end outdated, non-inclusive hiring practices that prevent this qualified talent pool from finding career positions and meaningful work.

Michelle is an avid TED fan and in 2018 organized and hosted TEDxPerryvilleCorrectional, which looked behind the curtain of incarceration to show the potential that exists in giving second chances.

Michelle is also a board member for the Arouet Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides wrap-around social support for incarcerated women to help increase their success and avoid recidivism once they’re released. For more than eight years, with both pre- and post-release programs, Arouet has helped women tap into their strengths, identify viable career paths, and establish stable, self-sufficient lives outside of prison.