Lucas Fleischer

Creative Director, Lucas Fleischer Creative

Lucas Fleischer is an independent Creative Director, helping organizations tell their stories in dynamic ways. Before striking out on his own, he served as Creative Director at 270 Strategies, where he led all web, design, and brand work for scores of clients, including Planned Parenthood, Google, and countless progressive organizations you have and haven’t heard of. Before joining the team at 270, Lucas served as Digital Director of the Democratic National Committee, where he led a team of email strategists, social media experts, developers, and designers supporting President Obama and Democrats across the country.

Lucas first joined the Obama campaign during the California primaries in 2007, and went on to become the Ohio Director of New Media. In 2009, Lucas joined the Organizing for America team at the DNC as Creative Director. In that role, he led the overhaul of the Democrats’ brand and the creative work of OFA and the DNC during the fight for health reform and the 2010 midterms. Learn more at