Kaitlin Owens

Policy Analyst, Nolan Center for Justice

Kaitlin Owens is a policy analyst for the American Conservative Union Foundation’s Nolan Center for Justice. In this role, she researches and writes on a number of different topics that address injustice in the criminal justice system, prison conditions, transition after release, and ways to reduce recidivism rates. However, her main area of focus is on ACUF’s Dignity for Incarcerated Women campaign. This effort led by ACUF seeks to address the unique needs of women in our federal justice system by ensuring health needs are met and human dignity is maintained throughout the system.

Kaitlin joined ACUF in January of 2018 after she had previously worked on a state representative’s campaign as a regional field director. She has also worked with candidates on the federal level, one of whom was her own Congressman, Representative Dave Brat (R-VA).

Kaitlin attended Longwood University in a small town of Farmville, Virginia where she received her bachelor’s degree in education with minors in political science and sociology.