AJ Kahle

Co-Founder & CEO, Blueshift Tech

AJ got his start in politics in 2012 as an organizer on the Obama campaign in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, where he learned the basics of community and relationship building that still informs his work today. After the election, he started at 270 Strategies, where he combined organizing and data to help organizations create and execute strategic plans. In mid-2013, he joined Cory Booker’s Senate campaign as a Deputy Data Director.

He spent 4.5 years at 270 Strategies, working at the intersection of data & analytics, organizing, and technology. He built dozens of small scale webapps to help clients solve problems that could outlive a consulting contract.

Since leaving 270 Strategies, AJ has started a technology firm dedicated to helping small campaigns with the same type of data-driven strategic planning that he helped large organizations and campaigns with as a consultant. He has also taken on several contracting projects ranging from data management to analytics to product management.

AJ currently lives in Chicago, but remains a proud Wisconsinite. If you can’t find him in Chicago, he is probably on a lake with a book, a beer, and a bike (not at the same time, though)